So, there a connection there

Prior to joining Dallas, Laxdal was named the fourth head coach in Texas Stars franchise history on July 3, 2014 to begin his American Hockey League head coaching career. In his first season behind the bench for Texas, Laxdal guided the club to its fifth playoff appearance in its six year history with a 40 22 13 1 record. It was also Laxdal’s 12th trip to the postseason, and his 10th 40 win regular season, in his 13 year head coaching career.

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Try this with all three grips to see which grip works best. Adjust your position closer or further from the ball so you are striking the ball in the center of the club face. You can color the face of the club with a dry erasable marker to see where on the face you are hitting the ball.

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Keep it nice and dark, especially at bedtime. I’m a huge fan of blackout curtains, they provide darkness, help control temperature, and diminish noise throughout the year. Try to keep it down, I’m not saying you should be tiptoeing around and whispering because baby needs to become accustomed to those sounds, but do try to keep it moderately quiet for them while they sleep.

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