Titans PLAY 60 program encourages kids be physically

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wholesale jerseys from china Madison Middle School students welcomed the Titans crew as they put on a show filled with interactive information about the Titans PLAY 60 and Fuel Up to Play 60 programs as well as some additional fun ways to get outdoors and exercise with Titans partners Tennessee State Parks, the American Heart Association and the Southeast Dairy Association.In recognition of Child Health Week from October 1st 7th, 2012, the State of Tennessee has set apart a special week to focus on the health and well being of its children. The Titans incorporated this year’s theme, “A Healthy Tennessee Begins with a Healthy Me!” into this Tuesday’s school program, which turned out to be a wonderful addition.Cook was greeted as the honorary guest at this special school wide assembly to support Child Health Week and to impart some significant information about being physically active and eating healthy while also revealing some accounts from his life as a student athlete.Titans PLAY 60 program encourages kids be physically active for at least 60 minutes each day. The skillful Titan connected with the students on the subject, challenging them, “Go outside and just play.””I know y’all have those video games and computer games now, but getting outside, staying active and staying in shape is very important,” said Cook wholesale jerseys from china.

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